National doctor’s day is celebrated each year on March 30. The holiday was created by President George H.W. Bush in 1991. It recognizes the hard work and dedication doctors provide caring for patients, and their contributions to the broader community.

This week is the perfect time to say ‘thanks’ for all they do.

Ways to thank your doctor

How can you say thanks? The little things can mean the most.

  • Send an unexpected, handwritten note. Or bring cookies to your next office visit for the team to share.
  • Say thank you in person during your next visit. Let your doctor know how they’re helping you live the healthiest life possible.
  • Ask your doctor how they are. It’s not ‘off limits’ to ask about their life – their career, their community involvement, why they practice medicine.

Taking time to say thank you is a great way to build and keep a strong relationship with someone who plays an important role in your life – keeping you healthy.

We’re saying thank you to all the HCA Healthcare physicians who care for our patients each and every day.