Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in central Kentucky

Because pregnancy and birth are complex events, it's not uncommon for newborns to need a little help transitioning to life outside the womb. Frankfort Regional Medical Center offers an on-site neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), so you don't have to leave home for special care.

Our Level II NICU (also called a special care nursery), managed by UK HealthCare's Kentucky Children's Hospital (KCH), provides 24/7 support to infants who were born a few weeks early or have minor health conditions. Most of these babies simply need extra support and attention until they're strong enough to go home. However, if your baby needs complex care for a critical condition, we'll arrange for safe transport to a Level IV NICU at our partner facility, Kentucky Children's Hospital, in Lexington.

If you have questions about our NICU, you can speak to a registered nurse 24/7 by calling (877) 376-2631.

Advanced neonatal care

Our NICU team provides more than advanced care. We also offer emotional support and encouragement every step of the way. Families also choose us for:

  • Leading expertise: Our experienced team is led by neonatologists (doctors with special training in caring for sick or premature newborns), neonatal clinical nurse specialists, respiratory therapists, physical therapists and lactation consultants. Neonatologists from Kentucky Children's Hospital's Level IV NICU are also credentialed to serve our tiniest patients here at Frankfort Regional.
  • Around-the-clock readiness: We have a neonatologist on-site 24/7. If your baby needs immediate care from a doctor in the middle of the night, we don't have to wait for on-call support to arrive.
  • Premier care for preemies: We're equipped to treat babies born as early as 28 weeks and who weigh as little as 2.2 pounds.
  • Support for immature lungs: We have the respiratory equipment and staff necessary to treat babies who temporarily need help breathing.
  • Access to a Level IV NICU: If your baby needs complex subspecialty or surgical care, he or she will benefit from our partnership with Kentucky Children's Hospital. They offer the highest level of neonatal intensive care available in the region. And with KCH staff managing and working at Frankfort Regional's NICU, your child's care will be uninterrupted, whether at our NICU or theirs.

Quality care for neonatal concerns

We provide care for babies who need extra medical attention but aren't sick enough to require critical care. Our NICU team specializes in care for:

  • Babies born a little early (28 weeks and older)
  • Smaller-than-average babies (birth weight as low as 2.2 pounds)
  • Mild respiratory problems that, with proper care, resolve within 24 hours
  • Minor conditions, such as jaundice, that don't require urgent subspecialty care
  • Moderate complications that occur during labor and delivery, including small amounts of meconium in the lungs
  • Babies who can't stay warm on their own and need to be placed in an incubator
  • Babies who aren't yet strong enough to feed on their own

Your family benefits from our 24/7 visitation, unlimited bonding opportunities and considerate communication from our staff. We understand this can be a stressful time for you and your family. We'll make sure you stay well-informed about your baby's care during his or her stay.