Frankfort Regional Medical Center recognizes its responsibility to provide accurate public information. Reporters can access information through Frankfort Regional's media representatives and their associates (see Media Contacts). We are proud of our record of providing the media with accurate, ethical and timely information and access to our health care facilities. In return, we ask that you respect our obligation to protect our patients' well-being and legal right to privacy.

Media Policy

  • News media will seek information through designated Frankfort Regional Medical Center public relations representatives and will clearly identify themselves as media representatives in all communications with Frankfort Regional Medical Center employees.
  • In compliance with applicable state and federal laws including, but not limited to, HIPAA privacy regulations, no information can be given that violates the confidentiality, privacy or legal rights of patients.
  • All visits to any of Frankfort Regional's facilities must be approved in advance by public relations staff or their representatives.
  • Identifiable photographs, film or video of patients taken on Frankfort Regional Medical Center property will not be published or aired without permission of the patient or patient's guardian. This includes patients arriving via ambulance or air medical service emergency transport at Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Written permission will be sought as soon as possible by Frankfort Regional public relations staff or their representatives.
  • All interviews with patients, including telephone interviews, must be approved in advance by Frankfort Regional representatives.
  • Access to patients will be arranged if the patient or patient's guardian is willing and his/her condition permits. This is to ensure the patient's health is not adversely affected and ability to consent to an interview is not compromised by illness, injury or medications.