Message from the Chief Nursing Officer
Michelle England, RN, MSN

Michelle England, RN, MSN

Like many nurses, I entered into to the nursing profession “to make a difference.” As healthcare continues to change, nursing continues to evolve and become more complex. With the ever-changing state of healthcare, nurses perform critical roles in the success of their organizations. At no other time has it been so imperative for healthcare organizations to promote healthy work environments that foster a culture of accountability, effective communication, mutual respect, collaboration, teamwork, and innovation. At Frankfort Regional Medical Center, a healthy work environment supports its nurses in providing excellent patient care and plays a key role in fostering the achievement of organizational goals that result in optimal outcomes.

If organizations are to benefit from the contributions of their nursing professionals, they must support the professional growth, development, and empowerment of nurses. At Frankfort Regional, our Shared Governance model and Clinical Advancement Program engages nurses in process improvement; supports their professional growth; encourages innovative thinking and the implementation of new ideas, and empowers nurses to make evidence based changes.

Our Shared Governance structure consists of nursing councils and unit-based councils that are led by direct patient care nurses. Frankfort Regional nurses offer their insight and expertise to develop solutions at the unit level and through participation in councils that improve processes, patient outcomes and/or the patient experience, and support a culture of excellence.

As we continue to experience the many changes in healthcare, I am committed to the betterment of the nursing profession; to upholding the elements of a healthy work environment, and to being a transformational leader who encourages new ideas and supports innovation that successfully moves nursing and our organization into the future.

I am proud of the nursing profession and to be part of the nursing team at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.