As we get older, some loss of memory and cognitive ability is normal. However, more serious issues may be a sign of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association outlines five warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  • Problems making plans, working with numbers or completing familiar tasks
  • Confusion with time or place
  • Decreased judgment or ability to care for themselves
  • Changes in personality and withdrawal from social activities


Signs of Alzheimer's Typical age-related changes
Poor judgment and decision making    Making a bad decision once in a while
Inability to manage a budget    Missing a monthly payment
Losing track of the date or the season  Forgetting which day it is and remembering later
Difficulty having a conversation            Sometimes forgetting which word to use
Misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps to find them Losing things from time to time