Endoscopy is a means of looking inside the body using a long, flexible tube equipped with a camera for any signs of disease or abnormality. The tube is inserted into the body and the camera transmits images to a monitor for evaluation. The tip of the endoscopy tube can also be outfitted with medical tools to take cells or tissue samples, stop bleeding and perform other medical procedures. An endoscopy can help diagnose a health problem as well as possibly avoid the need for surgery.

The Endoscopy Center specializes in the examination of the digestive tract and the lung. Our team of experienced health care professionals provides highly individualized care utilizing modern, high-tech equipment. Our team members constantly update their capabilities with continuing education in specialty skills and certification. The Endoscopy Center has 12 RN’s, with over 120 years of nursing experience, and 60 years of endoscopy experience.

Located on the fifth floor of the hospital, the Endoscopy Center is a self-contained unit with its own registration, waiting room, treatment and recovery areas in one suite for greater convenience. The suite features four procedure rooms, eight pre-operative beds and five post-operative beds. Outpatient procedures such as colonoscopies and bronchoscopies are performed in the suite.