Medical Surgical Units

3rd Floor
Phone: (502) 226-7740
4th Floor
Phone: (502) 226-7840
Noon to 8:30pm

Intensive Care Unit

Phone: (502) 226-7785
Open visitation per patient per nurse discretion. Quiet times are observed daily from 1:30 - 3:30pm

Visitation is limited to two family members at a time. Visitors must be over the age of 12 years old. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis. When ready to visit, call the unit from the ICU waiting area, or just pick up the phone on the wall outside the ICU entrance.

The Center for Women's Health

Phone: (502) 226-7790
Noon to 8:30pm

The mother’s partner or support person may visit at any time. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed, except for the children of the patient.