Send some words of cheer or encouragement to a special friend or loved one in the hospital.

Patient e-mail greetings are a free service and available for any inpatient currently at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.

To send an e-mail greeting, simply complete the information below and type in your personal message. Our volunteers will then deliver the e-mail greeting to your friend or family member staying at Frankfort Regional. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver e-mail greetings to outpatients, employees, patients who have been discharged or patients in the emergency room.

Greetings are printed and delivered twice a day between 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Messages received outside of these hours will be delivered the next business day.

In order to ensure that your e-mail greeting properly reaches your friend or loved one, it is important to include the patient's first and last name. Please try to avoid the use of nicknames and surnames. The patient's room number is also very helpful to our volunteers.

Note: The content of your e-mail greeting is not confidential and will be seen by a member of our volunteer staff. Please do not communicated items confidential or private in nature (i.e. Social Security numbers, diagnosis information, credit card numbers, etc.). We will make every attempt to see that the patient receives his or her e-mail greeting, but in some unique cases a message may be undeliverable.

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